Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day XOXO Nails!

So I wanted to try to do Valentine's Day nails that weren't pink. This is what I did:

I used Sally Hansen White On, a black Ultra-Fine Point Sharpie, and China Glaze Ruby Pumps. These nails took a while to do, but I think it was worth it. :) I have a tutorial with tips below if you want to try this look. I would definitely recommend getting a friend to help you with your right hand! I'm right-handed, so it was hard to do my right hand. But even if the x's and o's on your right hand aren't as neat, the hearts will cover a lot of flaws.

1. After doing a base coat, I did a coat of Sally Hansen White On. It doesn't matter if the coat is streaky because you'll be covering it up.
2. Then, I used the sharpie to write x's and o's on my hand. Make sure the white coat has dried completely or you could have problems with this. It looks best if you try going as close to the edges of your nails as possible, even if that means only drawing half o's or part x's. 
3. Pour out a few drops of China Glaze Ruby Pumps on a piece of paper. I used a toothpick to draw the hearts on my nails.
4. Cover with top coat. Try not to put giant globs of top coat over your nails; that may make the sharpie bleed.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! Even if you're not a fan of the holiday, at least you can go stock up on chocolate on February 15 when it goes on sale :)