Sunday, January 6, 2013

Smashbox Studio Pop Eye Palette

I thought I'd do a review of the Smashbox Studio Pop Eye Palette I recently bought. The set comes with 16 eyeshadows and 4 cream eye liners. 

Eyeshadows (Left to Right, going top to bottom): Nocturnal, Lunar, Emerald, Nude, Vanilla, Obsidian, Champagne, Bark, Cinder, Pastel, Orchid, Flamingo, Smoke, Amethyst, 24k, and Nutmeg. The 4 eye liners are on the bottom row: Bronze, Royal, Picasso, and Nightlife.

The palette also came with four cards with different looks to try. There is an "Easy," "Intermediate," "Advanced," and "Pro" look.

I haven't had a chance to try all four of the looks yet, but I tried the "Pro" one, and  I did not like how it looked against my skin. 

Even though I am not over the moon about the look cards, I am delighted by the eyeshadows and liners. They are very creamy and pigmented. The colors also blend together very well.

(Left to Right): Nocturnal, Lunar, Emerald, Nude, Vanilla, Obsidian, Champagne, Bark, Cinder, Pastel, Orchid, and Flamingo

(Left to Right): Flamingo, Smoke, Amethyst, 24k, Nutmeg, Bronze (Eyeliner), Royal (Eyeliner), Picasso (Eyeliner), and Nightlight (Eyeliner)

Nocturnal is a deep navy blue, Lunar is a shimmery silver, Emerald is a shimmery green, Nude is a matte brown, Vanilla is a matte ivory, and Obsidian is a shimmery slate grey. Champagne is a light shimmery gold, Bark is a shimmery dark brown, Cinder is a shimmery light violet, Pastel is a matte light pink, Orchid is a matte dark purple, and Flamingo is a shimmery coral. Smoke is a matte dark grey, Amethyst is a violet with copper glitter, 24k is a shimmery gold, and Nutmeg is a shimmery bronze. The eyeliners Bronze is bronze, Royal is a deep purple, Picasso is a dark blue, and Nightlife is a shimmery black.

I was initially afraid the lighter colors wouldn't work on my brown skin, but after blending them with something slightly darker, they worked well as a base. For example, I mixed Pastel with Amethyst before using it as a base. I then used Amethyst on my lid and Orchid on the outer corner of my eye. I finished off the look with the purple eyeliner, Royal.

I love Pastel, Amethyst, and Orchid; they make a wonderful purple smokey eye. My favorite eye shadow was Obsidian. I was disappointed in Bark; it looked more black on my skin than it does in the pan. Also, Amethyst is less pigmented than the other eye shadows. For the eyeliners, I love Royal and Picasso. Bronze does not show up on brown skin very well. I'm on the fence about Nightlife: sometimes when I wear it, it looks like a normal grey eyeliner, and other times, it looks "black with multicolored pearl" as the description on Sephora's website says.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this palette. Sephora still has it on sale online for $39 so you should pick it up before it's gone!

Happy New Year everyone!!

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