Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Nails!

I received 2 Sally Hansen nail polishes ("Big Money" from the Gems collection and Cinnasnap) as a gift and finally had a chance to use both of them together:

I love both colors, and they look great together. The brush for Cinnasnap was a little wide, which made it hard to paint my nails, but I love the color so much I'm definitely going to continue using it. Dark, vampy reds are in style now, and this one looks great.

I did the gradient using a makeup sponge. For the accent finger, I did one layer of "Big Money," one layer of Milani's "Gems," and another layer of "Big Money." I then did a flower on it in Cinnasnap. Here's another picture where you can see the flower better: 

Happy Holidays, everyone!! Stay Safe! :)

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