Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nail Art for West

Many of you probably heard about the two tragedies that happened last week at the Boston Marathon and in West, Texas (some news outlets were saying Waco). I grew up near West, and so hearing about the fertilizer factory explosion really hit home. It was weird seeing places that I am familiar with in some of the pictures online. As an act of solidarity for the people of West, I did a manicure of Czech flags because the majority of people in West are of Czech decent:

 I realize this may not be my most amazing nail art ever; I've been short on time this week and have had a lot of things go wrong that I'm trying to fix (such as getting my phone stolen :/). But I hope that you all can appreciate the sentiment behind it. If you guys would like a step-by-step tutorial of this, let me know.


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