Friday, August 16, 2013

REVIEW: Bundle Monster 2010 Nail Plate Collection

I finally got a set of stamping plates! I decided to get a Bundle Monster plate set and a Konad stamper.

I was surprised how small stamping plates are:

I really like some of the designs in the set (like the baroque pattern I used for my designer-inspired nails), but I'm not so crazy about others (when am I ever going to use a marijuana leaf?). Also, I wish there were more full-nail designs and patterns.

Pictures from Amazon

I first tried all of the designs to make sure they transferred correctly, and I had to get replacements for nine of the plates. Bundle Monster's customer service was quick to respond and send the replacement plates, but I was disappointed that one of the replacement plates came scratched. :( However, once I got the replacement plates, almost all the designs transfer beautifully. The only ones that did not work as well were the tiny tiny details, like the smallest hearts (BM 3 and 17).

Also, don't worry about getting the nail polishes they sell for stamping; Wet n Wild polishes worked great with these plates!

If you have the time and patience to exchange dud plates, I would definitely recommend getting this set. It is one of the cheaper sets ($17.99 for 21 plates). I was fine getting a cheaper set of plates and having to e-mail Bundle Monster about dud plates.

Have you tried stamping plates yet? What set did you get? I'd love to hear more about other brands!!


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