Thursday, March 21, 2013

My First Experience with CND Shallac Nail Art

One of my childhood friends just got her cosmetology license, and she asked if she could practice Shellac on me. A free manicure? OF COURSE I took her up on that!! And she did a good job:

She did a gradient using a light pink and a darker pink nail pigment. This is the first time I'd seen someone using nail pigments for gradients; I normally use a sponge for them, but I think I may try using pigments soon. She did a bottom coat and then did the light pink. Then, she used a brush to place the pigment on my nails; she first tapped the brush full of powder near my cuticles. Then, after rubbing off excess powder on a napkin, she dabbed the powder and pushed some of it out toward the ends of my nails to make the gradient. Then, she put on a layer of top coat to seal the powder in.

The entire thing took about an hour and a half, but I think it was worth it because this manicure has lasted soooo much longer than any of mine ever have! I have major problems with chipping because I love using my hands too much. But even after a week of opening makeup containers, washing dishes, etc, this manicure looks perfect!! I don't even have a single chip! :)

I got too bored to keep them for longer than a week, and so I pulled them off using the removal wipes my friend gave me. The pack contained 10 removal wipes, one for each nail, and an orangewood stick:

The pack of removal wipes & its contents

The wipes on my hand

I put 100% acetone on the wipes and wrapped them around my fingers. The package said to leave the wraps on for 10 minutes. I left the wipes on for about 20 minutes, and still, not all the polish came off easily. I had to use the orangewood stick to peel off a lot of polish. I did discover that the wraps worked better if they were tight around my fingers and could not wiggle around.

Overall, I'd probably do Shellac again, but probably only for a special occasion; I loved the wear time, but pulling it off was sooo difficult and 100% acetone isn't too great for your nails or skin.  

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